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Letter: Vote early next election to ensure everyone gets the opportunity
10252018 ELECTION 003.JPG
Voters wait in line to vote early at the Hall County Government Center on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018. - photo by Austin Steele

I read with disbelief the “Black Georgia voters hear echoes of voter suppression” article from the Associated Press in Monday’s paper. 

I firmly believe everyone has the right to cast their ballots in an election. But I can’t see where the objections and accusations in this article are true.

Many people stood in long lines to vote and in the rain. Some, perhaps many, were handicapped in some way but they waited their turns. 

Many others of us voted early to avoid some of these lines or voted absentee ballots. The people in Pittman Park could have and should have done the same.

The voting hours were extended, more machines were brought in to accommodate them, a famous activist was allowed to meander through the crowd, food was prepared, a band played, etc. And they still complain! 

I wonder what the reaction would have been if similar antics had taken place in predominantly white districts. There would have been an uproar.

If you want more people to vote, do it fairly. Get them to the polls early. The polls were open for two weeks, and the lines were not excessively long. 

Educate them so they know how they want to vote and lines move as quickly as possible. But it is not fair to wait until the last minute, let everyone line up, demand special treatment and then accuse the system of deliberately working against you.

Lynn Miles


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