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Letter: Unrealistic, closed-minded thinking isn’t going to help
02012018 LETTER

A recent letter writer on Nov. 17 decried the fact that 10 major issues divide the nation. 

He asks for wisdom, but fails to see that his own narrow views preclude meaningful discussion and resolution of his issues. 

For one, the injection of rigid, personal religious views into any issue is not conducive to understanding. In this case, reproductive freedom and nontraditional marriage are considered to be violations of religious tenets — no discussion allowed. 

Second, there seems to be an assumption that a large federal government, business regulation, globalization and taxes violate fundamental American values. 

The fact is that the tiny U.S. nation of 1787 bears no resemblance to the vastness, interconnectedness and complexity of the modern world. Any government must have the funding, resources and capabilities to deal with the realities that it faces. 

The writer seems to be unaware that the weak U.S. governments of the 1800s did virtually nothing to prevent numerous devastating business depressions. 

It took us well over 100 years to realize that we needed a government with sufficient power to constrain the excesses of pure capitalism, as well as deal with other complicated matters.

A closely related topic is that of health care. Despite its immense failures, we are supposed to accept that free-market health care is the best solution. But the fact is that Medicare is by far the most efficient health care system in the U.S. There is no skimming off the top of admin costs and profits. 

Yes, taxes pay for Medicare but are far less than premiums paid for traditional health insurance.

The writer casts our differences as those between liberal and conservative. 

In actuality, solutions to problems primarily revolve around realistic assessment and practicalities. Unexamined truisms really have nothing to offer and often put us on the wrong path. Open mindedness and wisdom will work far better.

Jim Grattan


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