Live updates: Hall County's per capita rate of COVID-19 cases remains highest in North Georgia
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Letter: Is a two-tier form of application of the law hurting us?
What is spiritual grace? “Unmerited favor”? Is it a package — forgiveness, mercy, empowerment, counsel, or guidance and even more?

Jesus gave grace, forgiving and admonishing, when he reconciled with betraying Peter and spared the unnamed adulterous woman from stoning. But not always. He powerfully rebuked the hypocritical religious leaders and ran the corrupt merchants out of the temple. He was also, and very much, about truth and justice.

What is societal grace? Could it simply be equal justice under our law? Or, the assurance of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for everyone in our country?

Today, relativism excuses injustice by claiming the right of any group, or group identity, to act according to its standards, no matter that those standards are counter to our constitutional and legislative Rule of Law.

Examples: 1) a group holding its law, such as sharia, above our law, 2) sanctioning the violence of Antifa, and 3) academia giving preference to one ideology over another and denying freedom of speech.

Individuals committing criminal and societally destructive acts are excused, not held accountable, by claiming some version of victimhood, such as member of a “disenfranchised” group, special status group, persecuted group, historically oppressed group and other post-modern suppositions.

Further, individuals are excused by claiming victimhood due to race, heritage, nature and functionality of their family of origin, early living conditions and other creative reasons to avoid accountability for choices made.

Finally, some are excused due to their status, power and influence — a two-tier form of application of our law. The little people, the masses, are held accountable and prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.” Certain elites are granted special dispensations by other elites, by corrupt elected and appointed officials, and by the deep state (bureaucrats exercising their own agenda); i.e. these elites are not held accountable for their actions and unconstitutional governance.

What’s the message — the bottom line, the crux of this matter, the takeaway? Without truth and justice, we’re sunk!

Gary Hulsey


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