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Letter: Tuesday letter was correct in exposing Clarks Bridge speeding problem

I just read the letter about Clark’s Bridge Road speeders (Tuesday, June 5) and firmly agree. I live on Clarks Bridge Road just north of Bogus Road and I am a senior citizen. I have lived here 40 years and have experienced the same tailgating many times. I just recently called Hall County Dispatch and asked them to patrol more near me because cars are passing on the double yellow lines and motorcycles are speeding, too.

I think a lot of this started after the Limestone Parkway opened and more people started cutting through to get to it. Not many places to pass on Clarks Bridge but they pass anyway. If I try to get out of my driveway at 5 p.m. to turn left, I usually have to wait on about 20 cars that are going north. Something definitely needs to be done.

Ginny Enzor


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