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Letter: Truth must win out over GOP propaganda

Having read Dick Biggs’ recent letter, I find it remarkable he would focus so intently on perpetuating a stale conservative attack against President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary while completely ignoring more significant crimes of Republican politicians. 

Regarding his conclusions: Point 1, “know the difference between right and wrong, then do right.” Does this philosophy apply to the Iraq War that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney started with a lie about weapons of mass destruction? This lie was repeated over and over to manipulate the American public into supporting an unjustified and illegitimate war. 

The war killed half a million Iraqis, almost 5,000 American soldiers, cost us billions of dollars, found no weapons of mass destruction and accomplished absolutely nothing. Biggs’ statement should apply to these things, yet he is ominously silent here when it comes to the concepts of right and wrong. 

Point 2: “For those in leadership positions, there must be a higher standard of accountability because trust matters.” I agree. Trust does matter. This is especially true for presidents whose lies amount to more than covering up personal sexual relationships. 

I’m talking about lies that created a false pretext for a war of choice in Iraq that President Bush and his conservative backers desperately wanted. The credibility of the United States has been permanently damaged by that war and the lies used to justify it. No one was ever held accountable, and again Biggs is silent. There is indeed a double standard of ethics, accountability, and justice, and it is clearly evident in the one-sided partisanship of his letter. 

I’ll offer replies to a few points from Gary Gambrell’s letter: “Debt more than doubled while President Barack Obama was steering the ship and what did we buy for it?” 

Federal debt increased as the president and Congress worked together to dig this country out of the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. That collapse began in 2007 under a Republican president. 

And what did we buy for it? We bought back the full faith and credit of the United States that was wagered and lost in a foolish gamble rooted in neoconservative economic policies. For details, look up stock market derivatives and unregulated credit default swaps. And right now, Congressional Republicans are trying to roll back new regulations enacted after the collapse to prevent it from ever happening again. Whose side are they on? 

“They (Obama Administration) failed to deal with North Korea and got taken for a sucker by Iran.” 

Gambrell apparently thinks the United States should run the world without seeking input from other interested states. That isn’t our mission. To lead by example, we must seek consensus at the UN with other states, including Britain, the UK, the EU, Japan, Russia and China. This certainly applies to Iran, a state that Israel has demanded must be overthrown by the US military — just like Iraq, Libya, and (eventually) Syria. 

Give it a rest! It’s about time truth beat back endless propaganda. 

Bruce Vandiver


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