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Letter: Trump’s increasingly ridiculous lies are going unchallenged
05092018 IRAN
President Donald Trump delivers a statement on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

I saw a few short clips of the president’s professional wrestling style event Oct. 22 in Houston. He was there to support Ted Cruz; the man he calls “lyin’ Ted,” whose father Trump says was involved in the Kennedy assassination, and to top it off, the president has made disparaging remarks about Cruz’s wife’s looks. Trump and Cruz are quite a pair. 

As we countdown to the mid-term elections, the lies Trump tells are reaching a new level, which is saying quite a bit based on his past performances. 

The people in the Hispanic caravan were paid by Democrats, there is rioting in California over sanctuary cities, Congress will have a middle-class tax cut done by early November — definitely not true based on the fact that Congress isn’t even in session and won’t be until after the election. 

I could go on regarding the president’s lies, but it would fill up the Sunday edition. Even Fox News has mentioned that there is no evidence of these latest falsehoods.

If for whatever reason individuals voted for Trump, I would respectfully ask them to consider voting for Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections. 

There needs to be a check on the president, and a Democratic House of Representatives would be a step in the right direction. Additionally, I find it troubling that our congressional delegation will not at least occasionally call out Trump for his behavior.

Lastly, this comment isn’t directed at either political party or individuals. A poll recently showed that only 31 percent of the American electorate knows the three branches of government. If you are one of the 69 percent who doesn’t know, I think you would be wise to learn.

Steve Deming


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