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Letter: Trump’s economic boom is based in ‘alternative facts’

The Trump tax scam and fake economy — we hear over and over again from “the Donald” that our economy is great! He says everyone in the country is so much better off because he is president! 

Two weeks ago he bragged about West Virginia and how great they are doing — they have the highest poverty rate of any state in America. Those are all part of his alternative facts. Yes, unemployment is down, but it was down before President Obama left office. 

Trump also claims that his policies have been great for African Americans — the facts? The unemployment rate among African Americans is 6% — the overall rate is 3.7%. What’s up Trump? 

The GOP always cries about how we need to reduce spending, but the deficit under Trump will reach an extra $4.1 trillion before he leaves office!

So the deficit is skyrocketing, but he says look at the stock market! Yes, it is hitting record numbers, but you must know that less than 52% of Americans own stock. And then you say, yes, that is true, but the corporations will pass that on to their employees. 

The fact is that although wages have gone up 3.5% since Trump took office, for someone making $10 an hour that means that person is now making $10.35 an hour. Will that help him pay for college for his children or buy health insurance? No! Corporations are making record profits, but the promise that this will “trickle down” to their employees isn’t happening. 

There were a few bold moves right after the tax scam was passed in the form of wage increases and bonuses, but nothing since.

So the deficit is growing — what is Trump’s answer to solve that problem? Let’s cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? Let’s let the regular Americans who have worked all their lives and paid into these programs get less for their health care and retirement so Trump’s billionaire friends can get more tax breaks. Seems fair. 

Take a look at Trump’s budget plan. Luckily he didn’t pass the House controlled by Democrats. Now, let’s see if the Senate will pass it as is and send it to Trump. Will he sign it?

And what was the Gross Domestic Product? Trump promised that his tax cuts for the wealthy would make the economy grow 3% every year. But the new GDP numbers released last week, saw growth of 2.1% — not bad, but not what Trump promised. And it is less than the pace achieved during the Obama years. But Trump promised he’s fight for working families. 

Instead health care costs are rising, factories are closing and farmers are suffering. And the rich are getting richer.

Time for a change!

Bette Holland