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Letter: Trump’s actions spark bitterness in our politics
President Donald Trump speaks at an event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. - photo by Associated Press

Re: Gary Hulsey’s letter in Monday’s Times: Hate is a strong emotion, and I agree there is way too much hate circulating throughout our country. His view seems to place blame on those who disagree with the president’s words and actions. I believe there is too much hate being generated on both sides of the political spectrum.

I believe President Donald Trump’s view of a world with only winners and losers is a main cause of the bitterness we face as a country. I believe if he were a good leader, he would have looked at his election results and realized he is leader of the whole country and all the people in it. He would have admitted more than half the country did not vote for him and build a team of people that could forge solutions and compromises that consider all viewpoints. 

I believe his winner-take-all attitude (which translates into “America First”) is increasing the bitterness. When Mr. Hulsey says “Some hold to a destructive agenda that demands they destroy anyone and anything that stands in their way,” that could be a quote from one of Mr. Trump’s books; he does not see compromise as a victory. His only victory is crushing an opponent. 

I don’t understand the comparison between Marxism and political correctness. If Mr. Hulsey’s meaning is anyone not choosing to use derogatory or uncivil descriptions of people or a way of living is Marxist, I strongly disagree. We are all people; there are good people and bad people. Those two descriptions work for all. 

To say when our president shuns PC and speaks the truth he is hated is not true. Many politicians have trouble telling the truth. Unfortunately, it has become an almost full-time job digging into what is the truth. When you do, you find our president is far from truthful most of the time. 

Again, I don’t hate President Trump. I believe he is trying to take our country back to the 1960s when the U.S. was the savior of the world and could do no wrong. But the world is a different place today. Just being the strongest bully with the biggest army is no longer the path to success.

War today would be so devastating there would be no winners, only losers. The world is so interconnected no one country is going to survive on its own. The enemy is not an immigrant, a neighbor or another country. Tomorrow’s enemy will be robotics and artificial intelligence, and we will have to find the compromise to succeed in the future.

My argument against Trump and many other Republican politicians does not come from hatred but from their failure to not only bring the country forward, but try to take us back to a world that no longer exists. 

Tom Vivelo

Flowery Branch

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