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Letter: Trump takes power away from the rich and restores it to the working class
President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

From 1789 until 1799, a European country conducted a revolution, which in many ways provided the rest of the Western World their form of a republic democracy. That is the form of government we embrace today. That revolution was known as the French Revolution.

What was the cause of the revolution? There were several minor reasons that this correspondence will not address. However, what I will do is provide the most important factor that caused the bloody revolution.

The monarchy (the government) and the noblemen (the ultra rich people who were able to buy the monarchy’s decisions) were overly oppressive to the working class people of France. It became so bad, the citizens forgot their major differences and became Frenchmen and nothing else.

In our country today, for many years, the ruling class (the government) and the noblemen (the ultra rich who buy the government’s votes) have abandoned the working class, and the working class have seen their wages decline and their expenses increase.

Consequently, the working class voted in an outsider (Trump), not of the ruling class, who could not be bought by the ultra rich, because he was rich himself and did not need their money to buy his influence. They voted for this person as he promised to assist the working class to correct this imbalance.

What this outsider is trying to do is remove power from the ruling class and restore it to the people. The ruling class cannot let this happen so they must destroy this person any way they can. Since the noblemen (the ultra rich) control the press and control the ruling class (the government), they have attacked in full force with innuendos that have been proven incorrect time and time again. However, their plan is if you throw enough stuff against the wall it will eventually stick.

This is the danger you and I face. It does not matter whether you are Republican, Democrat or independent, because if the government and the ultra rich are able to demolish anyone that threatens their power, anyone, including you if you get in their way, will be destroyed.

Someday, when the ruling class and the noblemen become so oppressive to the working class, no matter their political persuasion, we’ll become Americans as the French became Frenchmen, and the French Revolution could repeat itself in this nation.

We will see!

Jim Threlkeld


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