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Letter: Trump slammed for same actions we’ve seen from many other presidents

The problem with licentious behavior on the part of those who hold an office of public trust is that this kind of behavior reflects the mind of a tyrant, not that of persons who feel answerable to the people who elected them. To wit: “I am so powerful I can take advantage of my position and do as I please.”

The sexual self-indulgence of FDR, JFK, LBJ and William Jefferson Clinton, while in office, reflects this sort of mindset. And, of course, there was Ted Kennedy, whose ego gratification cost a young woman her life.

There is a problem for the left in its attempt to drive President Donald Trump from office by launching the “#MeToo” movement and by parading before the public eye every woman with whom he has had sex. They accepted the tyrannical behavior of these officials from their side for far too long. This makes their attempt to establish a moral high ground from which to eliminate Trump laughable. Laughable, were it not so deadly serious.

The media succeeded once in driving a duly-elected president from office. This put a lot of wind in their sails. This time I hope that they will find themselves becalmed. 

Nonetheless, in the midst of the current discussion about sexual misconduct, I find myself thinking about Harry Truman, who was not only a good president, but also a faithful husband: nothing to cover up and nothing to expose. He was a president and a person to clone. I wish someone had! Maybe if we had someone of his competence and self-discipline in the highest public offices in the land, we could make America GOOD again.

Frances Fite


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