Hall, Gainesville delaying start of school Friday due to threat of icy roads
Hall County and Gainesville districts are delaying the start of school Friday, Feb. 21, due to concerns of icy roadways.
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Letter: Trump haters won't prevail in America
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters Aug. 18, 2019, before boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J. - photo by Associated Press

When Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy in 2015, politicians from both sides of the aisle rolled on the floor with laughter. Later on down the road, however, when those swamp creatures spied Trump walking toward them carrying a shovel, a hate-inspired carpet-bombing campaign was launched at him by both political parties.

Today, the war against Trump is being directed from a series of bunkers on Capitol Hill. In addition, left-leaning combatants — such as entertainers and sports figures — squeal with delight when one of their hate-filled rants gets praised on social media.

Detractors in the newspaper business were among the first to vehemently denounce Trump. The credentials of those writers run the gamut from Pulitzer Prize winners to lesser-known individuals whose writings are sometimes viewed as textbook examples of high-quality nonsense and stupidity.

Amazedly, even though Robert Mueller’s testimony before two House committees failed to boost public support for impeaching our president, the haters continue to foul their nest. Their mindless effort to dislodge Trump has failed because hate — a purely destructive emotion — will never win the hearts and minds of Americans.

Claude Diamond


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