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Letter: Trump has proven to be deserving of impeachment

What follows is a letter to U.S. Rep. Doug Collins regarding his response to a letter I wrote to him, advocating that because of President Donald Trump’s thanking Vladimir Putin for expelling American diplomats, Collins should take action to bring articles of impeachment against Trump. The portions in quotations are from Collins’ response to my letter. 

Rep. Collins: Thank you for responding to my letter regarding the necessary impeachment of Donald Trump. I am not satisfied with your response.

“While some individuals may disagree with President Trump’s decisions or policies, that is not grounds for impeachment. In fact, President Trump has faithfully executed his duties and acted in accordance with the oath of office he took on Inauguration Day.”

The president’s statement thanking Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 American diplomats, is nothing short of treason. Are you postulating that Trump’s statement represents a policy? That treason is one of his policies?

“As the leader in the international community, the United States has a responsibility to set a positive and powerful example for the rest of the world. However, the actions that define our country on the international stage are often taken here at home. As a congressman, I take very seriously the role I play in ensuring that positive example is continued and expanded upon, as well as my responsibility to ensure oversight of the Executive Branch.”

This statement has nothing to do with impeachment. I do not understand how you can write of a “positive example for the rest of the world” when Trump sends out very public negative messages every day.

“Impeachment is a serious undertaking that must be approached carefully by both lawmakers and the American people.”

I do not need you to write to me that impeachment is a serious undertaking. Undermining the valuable and patriotic work done day in and day out by American diplomats, should never be done by any American leader, especially the president of the United States. Undermining the work of our diplomats violates the oath of office Trump took, to protect and defend the Constitution.

Donald Trump is not a leader, but rather he is a misleader. I want my four grandchildren to live in a country where leaders are respected and admired, and are not misleaders.

I again demand that you begin to take action to bring articles of impeachment against Donald Trump.

Frank Lock


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