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Letter: The true fascists are those on left seeking to destroy nation’s character
Marlette protest cartoon
Andy Marlette | Creators Syndicate

I am 66 years old and concerned many Americans don’t understand the accusations by leftist and some Democrats that conservatives and Republicans are fascists, Nazis, etc. Fascism is typically attributed to the ultra right. Truth is, the true fascists we see in the media today are leftists and liberals who hold this view. Right-thinking people must bring attention to this because most politicians and mainstream media will not.

According to Wikipedia, fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce. This defines what the left is trying to do in America today through suppression of speech, domination of media and business decisions to force the electorate into their worldview.

In pre-World War II Germany, the media was used by the Nazis to intimidate those who did not hold to their worldview and silence them by any means possible. The media and Nazis set the stage for the gas chambers and death camps. The media and Nazi party influenced the university system to shut down free speech that did not agree with them, just like today. The media and Nazi party burned history books and all books that did not agree with their worldview. Our children are being taught a liberal worldview at every turn. That is how the Nazi youth were so easily convinced their parents were wrong to the point they turned in their own families to the Nazis.

In the 1930s, these ideas were pushed onto the German society. I submit there is a direct correlation between pre-World War II Germany and present-day America.

Now is the time to prove groups like antifa and other leftist groups are being used by those with financial and political power to do the bidding of those leftists to subvert this country into something we will not recognize. Some in the Republican Party are contributing, knowing or unknowing, to this subversion by being politically correct.

Unless we expose these anti-American ideas and show the direct correlation between the destructive nature (tearing down historical statues, rewriting history) of these leftists, we are in danger repeating the same circumstances of pre-World War II Germany. If you don’t believe it, ask the 60-year-old lady who was attacked for holding the American flag at a free speech rally.

I implore Americans to research the direct correlation between where our we are as a nation now and 1930s Germany, expose liberal groups who paint conservatives and Republicans as subversives and show they are preaching lies. It is time to show that true patriots hold to the principles that made this nation great and put country before party. America is the greatest idea the world has ever known. These groups are doing everything in their power to destroy that idea. Expose their lies with the truth they are more like the Nazis than those they are accusing.

The minute we lose our First and Second Amendment rights, along with the rest of the Constitution, we cease to be America.

Robert Guess


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