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Letter: Those who protest national anthem, US flag are a disgrace to nation
10202017 USFLAG

When I served in the U.S. Army my uniform included a brass insignia worn on the collar. On the round brass disc were the letters “U.S.” — not GM, not GE, not DEM, not REP and certainly not NFL.

When I put on that uniform I joined a “fraternity” of men and women who’s origin goes all the way back to the Minutemen and continues with those who serve today. Each one of us swore an oath to defend and protect the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Each one of us contracted to serve according to a code of military conduct. And some gave all and all gave some.

Because of the sacrifices of those who have served, we have the right to express our views. Respect for those rights obligates us to respect the flag and anthem that represent those rights. Kneeling during the national anthem transcends freedom of speech and is an overt form of treachery against the United States.

Today, I would make the same commitment to defend the rights of our citizens to freedom of speech. However, I will not support nor will I defend anyone who disrespects our flag, our nation or our servicemen and servicewomen. The players and owners who support this conduct are a disgrace to themselves, their families, to the nation and to all who have served and defended out great country.

For me and my house we will stay home, tune out and pray. Pray for the protection and blessing of those who serve and pray for a change of heart in those who protest. 

Thomas Day


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