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Letter: Those who attack the poor should heed Christian principles
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Barbara Kadamus helps sort packages of food and supplies as a volunteer at the Georgia Mountain Food Bank. The food bank is a critical resource to help the more than 15,000 people in Hall County who have difficulty feeding themselves and their families. - photo by Nick Bowman

The Times deserves credit for its thoughtful and sensitive series on poverty in Hall County. It provided a careful analysis of the economic, cultural, structural and generational forces that lead to and perpetuate poverty. 

However, the most surprising thing in reading The Times this week was the number of conservatives who were apparently deeply triggered by any discussion of poverty that did not adhere to their personal beliefs and prejudices. What kind of person can read about the powerful forces that produce poverty and the stories of the people who are caught up in them, then feel compelled to write a letter bitterly criticizing the poor?

I think some of the letter writers from the past week would do well to remember the words of Jesus about the poor and our responsibility to help them, as well as his description of the extreme difficulty the rich will have in entering the kingdom of Heaven. It may not ever be possible to completely eliminate poverty through positive efforts, but the problem is only made worse by savage denunciations of those who suffer from it.

Bryan P. Sorohan


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