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Letter: Texans’ Watson is an example of an NFL player who is not out for himself
10152017 DESHAUN
Houston Texans quarterback and Gainesville High graduate Deshaun Watson (4) throws a pass in the first half of the game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in Houston. - photo by Associated Press

Perhaps Dick Yarbrough should actually do some research on the charity endeavors of the NFL players whom he said “have all the relevance of tree fungus.” Is DeShaun Watson, the Houston Texans’ quarterback, irrelevant to the three Texans’ cafeteria workers that have been given his first game check to help offset their problems from Hurricane Harvey?

Is Colin Kaepernick, the man who started the kneeling, irrelevant to the numerous charities that he has donated almost a million dollars to this season, despite being blackballed from the NFL?

The notion that players who kneel are “overpaid ingrates” is offensive. They are merely standing up for what they believe is a just cause, and unlike the internet keyboard warriors whose contribution to social injustice in the country largely consists of sharing memes on social media and insulting anyone who disagrees with them, a majority of these players are putting their money where their mouth is.

Mason Welch


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