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Letter: Teachers should be focusing only on American culture and history
World Language Academy students make their way down the hallway. - photo by Scott Rogers

I read Ms. Hill’s letter in the Nov. 5 Times with interest about her classroom teaching and her wishes on multicultural professional development.  

Just how many cultures will teachers have to study, how many additional text books have to be printed and in how many different languages? 

Our teachers have enough to do without teaching someone else’s culture. It is not up to our already overloaded teachers to reflect some other culture or religion in our classrooms.  

They have math, phonics instruction, science content and United States history to teach.  

They are not in our schools to teach some other culture, history or religion.  

Thank God, in spite of the efforts of some of our political leaders’ wishes, we are not some other nationality yet. 

George Roshau


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