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Letter: Summer was a community stalwart, will be greatly missed
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It was with tremendous sadness that I received the news regarding the passing of Dan Summer, as he was quite simply, one of the finest men I have ever met.

Dan had a unique ability to make anyone around him feel comfortable, no matter their age, race, religion, social or financial status. Everyone who met Dan walked away feeling they had just gained a new friend, and that in itself is a wonderful feeling. Dan was able to take this inherent attribute and parlay it into an outstanding personal and professional life.

Additionally, Dan had a zest for life that most individuals fail to ever enjoy. Not only was he genuinely happy, Dan appeared to have a joy and enchantment that transcended what most of us could ever begin to imagine. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile that just made anyone around want to be close to him.

Dan also passed this amazing trait along to his children, who upon every visit that my wife or I made to the Summer household, would provide a firm handshake, a courteous greeting and that beautiful smile. He and Chandelle have done a wonderful job raising five intelligent, beautiful and socially responsible children, and I know he was a very proud father indeed.

It is difficult to measure the impact that Dan had on even those who did not know him, as he was an advocate for all people. He recognized that everyone had certain inalienable rights that should remain protected, and in my opinion, he felt responsible for protecting those rights, especially for those individuals who were unable to provide this for themselves.

I firmly believe that Gainesville and all of Northeast Georgia are a better community because of Dan Summer.

I feel truly honored and privileged to have been able to call Dan my friend and miss him terribly already. I am a better Man for having known him.

Michael Slate

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