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Letter: Sudden outcry over US border policy is the ultimate hypocrisy
A view of the Federal Detention Center Tuesday, June 19, 2018, in SeaTac, Wash. - photo by Associated Press

Oh, the hypocrites! Headline on the Drudge Report this week: “U.S. Taking in 250 Kids a Day.” For years the Obama administration bussed immigrant children all over the United States who were susceptible to human traffickers, drug dealers, smugglers and the worst kind of gangs like MS-13. Thousands were detained in camps. Where was the outcry?

These policies came from Democrats and Republicans who voted for, but were unwilling to build, a wall. President Barack Obama made TV appearances showing his deep concern that we cannot allow thousands of children crossing the Mexican desert to enter the United States. So soon we forget. 

Separation of children from immigrants at the border and from single moms convicted of crimes has been going on forever, but only now has it become an issue. Why? 

Could it be the left is so determined to change the subject from the successes of our president before the midterm elections? They don’t want to talk about consumer confidence, tax cuts, jobs, minority employment, economic growth or North Korea diplomacy. By the way, what happened to the Islamic State?

Democrats have even stopped talking about the corrupted FBI or the interminable “Russian investigation,” which has dominated “news” coverage for over a year. No, now there is only one issue worth discussing: “crying babies ripped from the arms of mothers at the border.”

Well, if those on the left are so concerned about babies, what about their position on late term abortion? Not only do they approve of viable fetuses and fully developed babies being torn apart in the mother’s womb, they demand it. There is no more violent way to separate a child from its mother than abortion. Tens of millions of children aborted under their policy. Where’s the outrage?

As long as Democrats continue to insist on the free and unlimited destruction of the unborn, they have forfeited the moral high-ground to criticize anyone. This is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Steve Ward


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