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Letter: As storm brought us together, let’s continue to share that loving spirit

When I see the destruction that is happening all over the world, particularly locally, I believe God is sending us a wake-up call.

We should remember and know that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. I want to speak particularly to our elected officials and to residents of Lula.

In some form or another, we have all sinned and need forgiveness. Forgiveness should bring a change in our conduct, but it doesn’t erase the consequences of our sins. You can’t get to the promised land without going through the wilderness.

As bad and destructive as the tropical storm was, it brought people together like never before. Because love isn’t love in your heart to stay, but love is love when you give it away.

Let us never forget the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Let us love, live and work together to make our city a wonderful, decent and prosperous place to live and work, and teach our children of the godful way of life.

I want to convey to the residents of Lula that this is their city and responsibility to come to the council meetings and let their elected officials understand what they want to see and happen in their community. Because it is their city, and not just ours.

We as elected officials, as well as the people hired and appointed by our city manager and clerks, are asking our religious, educational, medical and other organizations to join us in showing our love to one another to recover from the troubles that may come our way. That is why we are planning a get-together picnic to show our love and the solidarity of our community.

Whenever it is time to elect our officials, let each of us adapt the spirit of Abel and not Cain in the Bible. We should allow our community, and especially our children, to learn and see what it takes to have a wonderful environment to grow and love one another.

Mordecai Wilson

Lula city councilman

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