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Letter: Stephanie Woodard's marijuana policy is willful and wrong
Marijuana - photo by Associated Press

Hall County Solicitor General Stephanie Woodward recently confirmed that her office will continue prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana cases. 

Her rationale for doing this is that she is “responsible for upholding the law.” This is, of course, complete nonsense. That argument, long used by prohibitionists to justify their behavior, no longer applies.

However, an easy out has been provided to them by prosecutors in other counties who will no longer be going forward with misdemeanor marijuana cases. 

Brian Whiteside, the solicitor-general of Gwinnett County, has stated that the reason that his office won’t be doing so is because current testing methods can’t distinguish between illegal marijuana and recently legalized hemp. Conversely (perversely?), Ms. Woodard is hoping that the GBI will soon be able to start the approval process for a new test to distinguish the two. So, it’s clear by that hope that she isn’t reluctantly but dutifully enforcing a bad law. She’s eager to be doing it.

Ms. Woodard states that there are, as of now, 220 open marijuana cases in her office. I urge all 220 of those defendants to demand a jury trial. Force Ms. Woodard’s office to prosecute every single one of those cases. Don’t back down. Don’t take a plea offer. Then, when her office has reached its 30th marijuana jury trial, Ms. Woodard might have to reconsider her priorities. Is it her job to protect the people who pay her salary? Or is it her job to put them in jail?

Jason Wilson

The Liberty Law Office, Gainesville

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