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Letter: State should use tax windfall to fund needs
01042018 CAPITOL 0001.jpg
Outside of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018. - photo by David Barnes

It not surprising to learn Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia legislative leadership have short memories. Gov. Deal appears to have forgotten that at the beginning of his first term, he and state leadership slashed state budgets, including funding for public education. This resulted in teachers throughout the state having greater numbers of students in class, and receiving no pay increases for a number of years.

Now the leadership anticipates a tax windfall of $3.6 billion, and rather than using it for the greater good, they plan to cut taxes. A better plan would be to direct part of the windfall to reduce teachers’ class sizes and increasing teachers’ salaries.

In addition, since Gov. Deal began his first term in 2011, more than 10,000 people have died in traffic accidents on Georgia highways. That number does not include those injured and maimed in those accidents. Nor does it include the number of family members whose lives have been forever changed by those traffic fatalities. 

Rather than a tax cut, it would make a great deal more sense for the governor to consider increasing traffic enforcement budgets throughout Georgia, to make all of us safer as we commute and travel. It is already too late for the 120 people who have lost their lives in traffic accidents on our roads since Jan. 1.

A short memory and a lack of willingness to work for the greater good may result in a tax cut that will benefit few. Real leadership involves having a good memory, as well as working for the greater good. 

Frank Lock


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