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Letter: Stacey Abrams made right choice in continuing to fight for Georgians
Stacey Abrams speech.jpg
Democrat Stacey Abrams makes remarks during a press conference Friday, Nov. 16, 2018, at the Abrams Headquarters in Atlanta shortly after she said she can't win the governor's race, effectively ending her challenge to Republican Brian Kemp. - photo by Associated Press

I was delighted to hear that Stacey Abrams has decided not to run for Senate; as a committed supporter of her, I feel she has made a measured and strategic decision.

Leader Abrams is a strong, dedicated leader who for decades has steadfastly fought to expand voting rights and access across the state of Georgia.

In true form, her decision not to run for Perdue’s seat highlights her rededication to continuing to lead the fight against voter suppression in our state.

As our recent elections have shown — and the choice of nonauditable voting machines by our current legislature and governor continues to show — this particular battle in Georgia is far from over, and we need leader Abrams in the vanguard of that fight now more than ever!

Leader Abrams’ vision, budgeting and executive skills, and her ability to forge consensuses with disparate compatriots suggest that her particular expertise is put to best use when she serves in an executive role such as governor — although “Abrams 2020“ also has a great ring to it!

But whatever her choices down the road, the people of Georgia can always be sure the Stacey Abrams has them in her heart first and foremost and will continue to fight for Georgia and all Georgians.

Judy Kreps


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