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Letter: Stacey Abrams did herself no favors with fiery speech
Stacey Abrams speech.jpg
Democrat Stacey Abrams makes remarks during a press conference Friday, Nov. 16, 2018, at the Abrams Headquarters in Atlanta shortly after she said she can't win the governor's race, effectively ending her challenge to Republican Brian Kemp. - photo by Associated Press

I listened to Stacey Abrams’ nonconcession speech and wondered exactly how she lost the election by “voter suppression.” 

What does she view as voter suppression — long lines at the poles, machines that didn’t function, ballots being rejected because they did not comply with the election laws we have in place? 

Did she ever consider that the voters rejected her because of her platform? 

Each county in the state has an elections official who is charged with providing the voter with a fair and legal election as prescribed by law.  

Some counties do a better job than others, but to my knowledge no county was found to have been guilty of denying legally registered voters their right to cast a ballot. 

To me, her very angry tone in her speech elicited thoughts of “sore loser.” She did not congratulate Brian Kemp for his victory but blamed him for every problem, real or perceived, in the election. 

It appears to me that her announcement of filing a federal lawsuit against the state of Georgia is more an expression of — I lost and it can’t be my fault so I will sue someone. In the end, razor close as the election was, the voters rejected her as their choice for governor for probably a variety of reasons. In her final acceptance of defeat, she left me thinking she is a very angry politician who blames only her opponent.  

She did not endear me with her actions after the election, and I feel it will not help her if she decides to seek another statewide position.

Judy Chasey