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Letter: Some who side with GOP seem to be Clinton-obsessed sore winners
02012018 LETTER

I write in response to Curt Corkern Sr.’s letter praising Gary Gambrell’s letter on Feb. 11. I’ve about had it with all their grumbling and griping about the Democrats. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House. You would think that might be enough but it sure doesn’t seem to be.

Mr. Corkern and like-minded thinkers have so much hatred for the Clintons they seem obsessed by it. Hillary Clinton was beaten fair and square; get over her.

I guess my biggest question is when did it get to the point in our country when it is no longer enough to be for something? Today, people seem to be more against something than they are for something. I would argue that it started with the advent of 24-hour news channels and talk radio. What a waste of good time.

Mr. Corkern wrote that most Democrats lie about most everything and that they are “un-American.” Come on, man. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean they are not Americans. We love our country as much as you do. How about a little peace, love and understanding? Turn off “Fox and Friends” while you’re at it.

I’ve never seen so many sore winners in my life. They do seem to be following the lead of President Donald Trump. How about showing a little grace in winning?

Johnny V. Crumley


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