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Letter: Some concerns of proposed 279-lot subdivision are ignored by board
On Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, Ponderosa Farms LLC presented its proposal to the Hall County Planning Commission for a 279-lot subdivision on a 121-acre tract on Ponderosa Farm Road. 

During the meeting, the Planning Commission heard from multiple residents who objected and had serious concerns regarding the proposal.  

Unfortunately the Planning Commission did not address any of the concerns brought to them by our residents.

The main concern raised by homeowners in the area was the overwhelming number of homes being proposed on the amount of acreage — 279 houses on 121 acres is ridiculous and Ponderosa Farm Road cannot handle this over development.  

Hall County Planning Commission members made their mind up before ever hearing one objection or concern from homeowners in the area.

The commission voted unanimously and approved the proposal. Fortunately, we have one last chance to be heard and express our concerns for the overdevelopment of this farm land as it now goes to the Hall County Board of Commissioners for final approval.

A subdivision is not the problem, 2.3 houses per acre is. We ask that all Hall County commissioners please be open minded (unlike the Planning Commission) and listen to the concerns raised by homeowners. May common sense prevail.

Kevin Sturm


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