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Letter: Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy is well worth your time
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The Hall County Sheriff’s Office will be starting its new 2017 class for the Sheriff’s Department Citizens Academy on Oct. 10. If you have never attended this program, you have missed one of the county’s best and most informative introductions to how your sheriff’s department is run, its many departments, its strengths and the vital position it plays in our every day safety and protection.

You’ll see the courts, jail, the intake process, the training, the men and K-9 units and, most importantly, you will see how the system comes together for the taxpayers who underwrite the largest expenditure in Hall County’s government. The Citizen’s Academy is worth every hour you spend. 

Classes are held twice a week from 6-9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays (dinner is included) for six weeks. Every person who has taken this course has come away with a different assessment and informed appreciation for our law enforcement and court processes. You will, too.

To register for the next class, please call the Hall County Sheriff’s Office at 770-531-7095, you will never regret making the decision. The class is good for couples, singles, older adults and especially our impressionable young people. The class is especially insightful for judges, attorneys, legal aids and criminal justice students. It is free to residents of Hall County.

Having attended the Citizen’s Academy, we endorse this program.

Carl Liggett and Connie Howard Propes


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