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Letter: Separating children from parents is not our America
Children have breakfast at a migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, on Saturday, April 28, 2018. - photo by Associated Press

The Trump administration has been separating children from their parents to discourage families from seeking asylum in the United States. Highly credible news reports indicate that more than 700 children have been taken from parents at our borders since October, including more than 100 children under age 4.

That’s outrageous! Most of these families are seeking asylum, which is their legal right, protected by law.

This practice is heartless and it violates basic rights. Separating mothers from their children does not represent the values we teach our children — or what we aspire to be as a nation. 

The Trump administration’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee actions harm our families, communities, economy and country. Separating children from their parents not only traumatizes the children, but it creates a toxic culture that tolerates cruelty to children. That’s not the America I want. Congress and the administration need to do what’s right by protecting immigrant children from being separated from their families.

Welcoming immigrants has long been a source of strength for our country. Asylum-seekers deserve compassion, dignity and respect. The heartless treatment of refugee mothers and children must end.

It is the duty of The Times to put pressure on political candidates to address this issue. What will Rep. Doug Collins do to address this issue as the incumbent in Georgia’s 9th District Does he merely follow Donald Trump’s script in allowing this practice? Does Josh McCall, running against Collins, offer a better alternative solution to this issue? The District 9 voters deserve answers. Perhaps a debate between the two candidates in addressing this and other issues would assist voters.

John Moore


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