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Letter: Second Amendment's militia can't be 'well-regulated' without training
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Deangela Chastain fires a gun during a firearms safety course put on by the Gainesville Police Department on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018. - photo by Austin Steele

The report about a friend who took a gun from a gun owner’s holster and would not return it to the owner, has troubled me since I read the article by Nick Watson.

Who is the person who really committed the crime and what crime was it? Was it the friend that took the gun and would not return it? Or was it the owner of the gun who failed to have his gun under control?

If a person is carrying a gun, that person should always have the gun under control. When I am at the airport, they constantly remind me that my luggage must be under my control. My luggage can’t kill someone.

Why shouldn’t the man who was carrying the gun be more responsible for an item that at any moment can shoot someone? As a gun owner, you have responsibilities to others around you. If you can’t keep your gun on your person, then don’t carry a gun.

If you think you are better than this gun owner, think again. While my husband worked for the federal government, he had the honor of going to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco. During the training he learned one important thing, you can never respond fast enough to someone who has already decided to pull a gun on you.

The instructor challenged several federal law officers to a fun game. The instructor had a toy gun in his hand and told the student he was talking to, that he was going to shoot the student with the toy gun. All the student had to do to win the game was to raise his hand and say bang before the instructor said bang. Now these were experienced officers, but not one of them could respond fast enough to the instructor to say bang before the instructor to win the game.

Federal officers are also trained to protect their guns.

It is time we make sure people who are carrying guns are trained in gun safety and protection. The gun owner in Watson’s story did not have a toy gun like that instructor at the federal training center. His gun was real.

In the state of Georgia, you can get a concealed carry permit with no training at all. I have a friend who has a concealed carry permit. That gun owner said to me, “I can’t hit the side of a barn.” I don’t want to take your gun away; I want you trained to protect that gun and to know how to hit where you are aiming.

Georgia needs better background checks, and Georgia gun owners need to be trained. The Second Amendment starts with a well-regulated militia. I have the right to ask for a well-regulated militia.

Laura AE Colaninno

Flowery Branch

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