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Letter: Reports of rampant voter fraud just not true
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In his recent letter, Dick Biggs said “Democrats object to showing photo IDs at voting sites because they think it suppresses turnout. Yet, hypocritical Democrats don’t mind if illegal immigrants show up and vote unlawfully.”

First, Democrats just want legitimately registered citizens to be able to vote. Second, Republicans use false claims to justify their photo ID law. Governor-elect Brian Kemp has defended the law as necessary to protect election integrity, but the Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database shows zero cases of in-person voter fraud in Georgia over the past two decades. In addition, the North Carolina State Board of Elections prosecuted just 2 cases of voter impersonation in the last 5 years. That’s two cases out of tens of millions of votes cast. As a percentage, the number is infinitesimal.

After dozens of studies and investigations, the verdict is in: Fraudulent in-person voting is so exceedingly rare it doesn’t even begin to approach what would be required to “rig” an election. On that subject, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said during an interview “the number of fraud cases is beside the point.” He’s right. It was never about the numbers, or about preventing any real threat to rig an election by voter impersonation. Instead, its an agenda to fix elections by oppressing and disenfranchising minorities, the elderly, and the poor.

This issue has been flooded with conservative disinformation intended to push a partisan political agenda based on lies, so I’m telling you folks to put up or shut up. Use real Georgia data with simple math in a rigorous proof to show in-person voter fraud poses a credible threat to rig an election for president, senator or governor in this state. Taking into account the number of Georgia citizens registered to vote (6.7 million) and typical voter turnout (47 percent), my own math indicates approximately 15,745 people would have to simultaneously commit in-person voter fraud to change the results of a statewide election by just one half of a percent. #notgonnahappen

Meanwhile, in a case covered by the Atlanta Journal, Olivia Pearson, — a black woman, community leader and city councilwoman from Douglas, Ga., was charged with felony voter fraud for showing a first-time voter where to insert her voting card in the voting machine. Prosecutors claimed because the first-time voter (also black) was not illiterate or disabled, she was not entitled to any assistance from Pearson. If convicted, Pearson faced 15 years in prison. This exemplifies oppressive harassment of black citizens for the crime. #votingwhileblack

On the other hand, I’ll remind readers of a notorious Republican conspiracy to change the date of state presidential primaries in Michigan and Florida to a point so early the results could not be included in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Hillary Clinton was winning both states, so this constitutes a craven attempt by Republicans to damage Clinton’s campaign by literally disenfranchising every single Democratic voter in both states. Remember that next time you hear Brian Kemp or another Republican talk about “election security.”

Bruce Vandiver


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