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Letter: Rep. Doug Collins wants safe space at Mueller Report hearing
Doug Collins speaks at hearing
Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, speaks Tuesday, May 21, 2019, during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

Last week, Rep. Doug Collins made a list of forbidden words for the Judiciary Committee. They are words he thinks should be off-limits to Congress when they speak about the president.

  • "Sons of b-----es."

  • "Nasty."

  • "Enemy of the People."

  • "Animals."

No, that's not the list Collins created. That's a short list of things the president has called his enemies.

The list of verboten words in Collins' letter are so tone deaf you might think the representative was being clever or ironic if you had never heard him speak. The words on Collins' list are a litmus test for the kind of political hypocrisy that the Trump era has ushered in. Of course, politicians have always been hypocritical, because people are hypocrites; but the Trump era has made hypocrisy into a burlesque show more fitting for a bankrupt casino than high office.

Collins' list of naughty words includes "bigoted," "bilking the taxpayers," "crook," "delusional," and "hypocritical," among other highlights. In other words, Collins thinks Congress is not allowed to accurately describe Donald Trump.

And here I thought it was "the left" who wanted to create politically correct safe spaces for snowflake millennials!

How about this rule: no safe spaces for politicians until we abolish the concentration camps we've created for kidnapped immigrant children, or until we've made the planet a safe space for our children, or until we've made a safe space in the world from our military-industrial complex. Until we can keep black people safe from an out-of-control justice system, we shouldn't make Congress safe for Trump's tender ego.

Of course, we didn't hear about decorum from Rep. Collins when Trump used the graves of D-day heroes as a backdrop to blast his political enemies. He didn't speak up when chants of "crooked Hillary" or "lock her up" echoed in Trump's rallies. Decorum, apparently, is for Democrats.

When Rep. Doug Collins finds a scintilla of moral fiber to stand up to Trump's neverending indecencies, misdemeanors and felonies, we can pay attention to his safe space petition. Until then, our representative is just another Bachelorette contestant jockeying for a rose. Unfortunately for Collins, he is neither Kim Jung Un nor Ivanka.

Joshua McCall


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