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Letter: Protecting border is right thing to do
A family looks toward metal bars marking the United States border where it meets the Pacific Ocean Wednesday, March 2, 2016, in Tijuana, Mexico. - photo by Associated Press

Our soldiers fought and died on the Normandy Beaches during World War II. They fought and gave their lives in Europe to end the Nazi threat to the world. They fought and died in the Pacific fighting the Japanese to keep our country from being invaded by that empire. Our boys fought in Korea, then Vietnam and again in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan to keep our country free from terrorists and their threat to our nation.

Now, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the Democratic party want to open our southern border and simply give our country to the Mexican drug cartel and the thousands of terrorists and criminals that will get into our country by simply mingling with the millions of Mexican and South Americans who want to enter our country illegally.

They have evidently forgotten about the oath they took early in their political careers to protect the United States from all enemies, both domestic and foreign. It’s Pelosi who needs to think about her job instead of her vacation time while the rest of us work. They need to protect our nation that so many service men and women have given their lives for.

George J. Roshau

Gainesville, GA