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Letter: Property tax system broken, unfair

I’m fuming over the property tax assessments that went out this week. Well, to be more specific, I’m fuming over the entire property tax system.

I won’t go into a “woe is me” dissertation, but I will point out that our one-income, homeschooling family of six (hence, we foot the entire bill for our kids’ education plus chip in for everyone else’s) living on a teacher’s salary has seen a total increase in our property tax bill of over $1,260 in just three short years. Our taxes have almost doubled since 2016.

What burns my bacon the most is that our debt-free home that we scrimped and saved for, putting in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to build, could be taken from us if we fail to pay the exorbitant property tax bill that the “powers that be” have subjectively decided we owe. In what universe does it make sense to tax someone year after year simply for living in his own home?!

People, we must do something about this broken tax system. Yes, our public schools, fire stations and trash dumpsters have to be funded. But surely there’s a better way than placing the entire burden on people who work hard to buy a home.

I very much like the idea of raising the sales tax rate enough to fund these programs and replace this horrid system of arbitrarily taxing property owners. It seems only fair that everyone should chip in the same.

Weren’t we taught in kindergarten to share? Well, since we all share the benefits of living in Hall County, let’s everyone share the burden of paying the bills — young and old, citizens and noncitizens, property owners and renters. And if our elected officials can’t do something to fix this problem, let’s vote in others who will!

Michelle Thomas


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