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Letter: President should come clean, release all info to Mueller’s team
President Donald Trump speaks at an event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. - photo by Associated Press

Dear Mr. President: The country and its citizens are being damaged by the cloud of investigations surrounding the executive office. Charges of corruption are being thrown about daily. I hope that you and your subordinates are innocent of these speculations. I hope the Department of Justice, the Robert Mueller-led investigation, the FBI and the FISA courts have been correctly administered and have not abused their power. But simple hope and the passing of time are not going to help the country or the common citizen.

I urge you to officially declare all documents connected to these allegations be unclassified and that they be immediately made available to one and all citizens. Any covert agents that might be affected should be withdrawn from the field and their protection insured.

If this is not, done the country will lurch into extended turmoil and who knows where that may lead and the possible consequences cannot be foreseen. 

If anyone on any side of this issue is guilty of the misuse of their office, they should depart public service as a least punishment.

Gary Pichon

Marble Hill

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