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Letter: Pre-election talk is just guessing; voters will determine outcome
Candidates for governor Democrat Stacey Abrams, left, and Republican Brian Kemp.

In the current hyperbolic broadcast media environment, with its 24-hour maelstrom of talk about nothing but the coming midterm elections, forcing politics into every tiny crevice of our private lives, I am reminded of the week before the big football game. 

Analysts on hundreds of channels predict the big game’s outcome. Pundits declare the winner in advance of the game. They think they know exactly how the game will unfold and who the winners and losers will be. 

Then the game is actually played and sports fans everywhere realize that the folks who talk about the game are not the players who determine the outcome. The midterm elections are very much like that.

After standing mute for 24 months and listening to the talking heads of broadcast media presume that they know how you and I will vote or ought to vote, our moment to speak comes. Every two years we arrive on the national stage at this moment when all becomes clear. 

Are you and I satisfied with the direction of the new administration in the various areas of public policy, or do we long for the policies of the previous administration?

On Nov. 6 go to the polls and vote. You and I will bring our country a moment of clarity.

Bob Boyd


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