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Letter: Politicians need reminder that they work for us
02012018 LETTER

I read in The Times on Oct. 10 that special interest groups from overseas send their “lobby horses” to Washington to influence our senators and congresspersons. I am not an isolationist. We do have overseas interest and responsibilities. I do want those we employ — by electing them to office, paying their salaries, perks and more with our tax dollars — to know their first responsibility is to their bosses — us.

One of my dictionaries defines politics as “the art of government.” Seems to me our government has morphed into something similar to abstract art. Looking at a canvas with a plethora of unrelated colors, etc., we wonder what the artist had in mind. I often wonder what our Washington leaders have in mind. Do you?

With elections coming up it is time to remind them they are our employees. They must put us ahead of the “lobby horses” no matter from whence they come. The lobbyists often have expensive gifts as lure so our employees will see things their way. Should not their salaries and perks paid by our taxes be of primary importance to them?

George C. Kaulbach


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