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Letter: Player protests during anthem show disrespect to military, public safety
10142017 NFL ANTHEM
Miami Dolphins fans spell out “Stand” for the national anthem during an NFL football game against the Tennessee Titans, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (Jim Rassol/South Florida Sun-Sentinel) - photo by Associated Press

Tom Crawford’s column Wednesday in The Times supported the right to protest at football games. I take issue with that although he does bring some thoughts to mind.

He states that the kneeling while the national anthem is playing is a protest against racial injustice. To me, the protest is against the U.S., as the anthem is our support of our great country, its armed forces and first responders. A football game has nothing to do with race, religion or creed, so the protest there, to me, is a personal assault on our country, not a racial injustice issue.

Crawford points out that this so-called “racial injustice protest” is pursuant to the First Amendment. Again, how is a protest during the performance of our national anthem at a football game akin to racial injustice?

Crawford does, however, add wording that a protest is allowed so long as there is no disruption. I would agree with that if the protest of kneeling takes place where the relative issue is the theme of the event. To me, there seems to be a simple solution to the kneeling at football games and other sporting events as well. When the kneeling takes place during the anthem, the presentation should stop and the football fans should sit down when the anthem stops and give a loud “Boo.” That should only stop if the kneeling stops and does not renew upon the restart of the anthem. Just maybe, that would qualify as the disruption Crawford mentions.

Team owners and football fans everywhere would be forced to acknowledge this disruption. It could also delay the start of televised football games, which would be a nationwide disruption.

God bless true Americans, our police, firemen and veterans everywhere!

Larry Ginsberg


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