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Letter: Plate changes in Earth’s crust create illusion of rising sea levels

If we had an earth map from millions of years ago, we would not recognize the world in which we live. For instance, Florida and Georgia up to the Macon Augusta line was sea floor. The various mountain chains beginning in North Georgia and northern Alabama and extending all the way up to the Adirondacks in New York are the oldest ranges in the world, once as high as or higher than today’s Himalayas. It is thought that the continents of Africa and South America were once one great land mass.

Today, we are told the Atlantic Ocean is rising on our East Coast from North Carolina to Maine. The Navy says our shipyards in Norfolk are in danger and also the New Jersey Coast and New York City and more. The rising ocean level we are told is due to global warming. 

I love science and have witnessed many wonderful scientific advances. However, science has also made mistakes, as well as preachers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen and every profession. Have you ever run a stop sign, rear-ended the vehicle ahead of you, baked a flop rather than a cake? We all have.

Let us agree that the earth’s temperature is going up and will continue doing so for a couple of centuries. But flat-out, I say the Atlantic Ocean is not rising. No report that I have found states the coasts of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Africa, South America and Florida are experiencing ocean rising. If the ocean is not rising, why is the water seeming to rise on our East Coast?

The answer is simple. The plates some 30 to 40 miles below us which support earth’s crust are moving. The plate beneath our coast line is slowly going under the plate which holds up the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic is slowly getting shallower. We know water seeks its own level and the plate movement is very slow. There is no rising ocean on our east coast. 

People living millions of years from now will find our world maps a curiosity.

George C. Kaulbach


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