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Letter: People don’t know how quickly they could lose health care insurance

As a Georgia public school teacher, I am fortunate to have adequate health care insurance. But as all Americans in a similar situation should know, this is not necessarily a permanent condition. 

If my health required me to become separated from my employment, I could very quickly join the ranks of the uninsured. 

I puzzle over the fact that many currently insured people do not understand how quickly they could become unemployed, uninsured and unable to obtain affordable care. 

I am shocked and saddened that the Republican held United States Senate has shown so little regard for the health care of fellow Americans. 

With the passage of the Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office, 13 million additional Americans will be without health coverage over the next 10 years. 

Many currently healthy Americans have been convinced that the insurance mandate required by the Affordable Care Act is to their detriment since it requires them to pay for something that they believe they do not need. 

They do not seem to understand that for everyone to get health insurance when they need it, they must join the insurance pool so that there will be enough money in the pool to provide coverage if and when they do become ill. 

I am asking all voters to consider what will happen to them if we lose the Affordable Care Act, as it appears that we will. 

Can you count on staying healthy forever?

And for the older population this tax bill will bring cuts in Medicare — at least $25 billion the first year — and cuts in Medicaid. It’s all part of the budget written so the Republicans could give billions of tax cuts to the wealthy. 

Thanks Rep. Doug Collins for doing nothing to help your 9th District constituents! If this bill passes as it is written, many North Georgians will suffer next year!

Carol Livaditis


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