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Letter: Paper ballots are most secure, least expensive
A new voting machine which prints a paper record on display Oct. 19, 2017, at a polling site in Conyers. The machines were used as a test trial as Georgia officials considered replacing their 16-year-old touch-screen voting machines. - photo by David Goldman | Associated Press

A lawsuit filed by Georgia voters to require that Georgia switch to paper ballots has won an appeal and will be moving forward to trial.

The current voting machine method is vulnerable to hacking, resulting in the above mentioned lawsuit.

A committee established by Gov. Nathan Deal to evaluate voting methods has presented two methods to the legislature for consideration. One uses voting machines with touch screens that would produce a printout with a bar code paper trail costing $150 million. The second option is a paper ballot marked by hand costing $50 million.

The second option is recommended by security experts. Both methods would use optical scanning machines to count votes.

Why is the governor and the committee evaluating the voting methods recommending the more expensive, less secure method?

Paper ballots — the most secure and least expensive method of voting to implement, operate, and maintain — are the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Legislators, please spend our tax dollars wisely!

Mollie Drake


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