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Letter: ‘Old Glory’ still waves proudly over our one nation under God
07012018 FLAG 07.jpg
An American flag flies in the wind after being raised during Grant-Reeves Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7720 flag dedication ceremony in Alto, Saturday, June 30, 2018, at Anderson Village along Tommy Irvin Parkway. - photo by David Barnes

On April 30, 1789, Wall Street in New York City was capital of the United States at that time, and Gen. George Washington had been chosen to be the first president. He had just been sworn in. He and his government staff walked over to a little stone church on Wall Street still standing today close to Ground Zero.

When they were all inside, Washington took the Holy Bible and bowing his head, began praying to God. Not just any god, or whomever you may think is god, some carved piece of wood or stone, or some animal or statue, but to the only God of all living and dead. All the universe is His domain. Washington dedicated the United States of America to God, as one nation under God.

A number of people made flags. Betsy Ross was but one of those people. Although it was made from scraps, it was by far the favorite, with red and white stripes, a blue square and depicting a 13-star circle representing 13 colonies. The greatest flag ever.

Right beside Israel, “Old Glory” brought the Jews back to their homeland. In 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed the paper as he wept. In all the wars on their battlefields no other flag stands like “Old Glory.”

In the Civil War the North produced “The Medal of Honor” for the flag boy who carried the stars and stripes into battle. The stories of boys who carried the flag into battle and were shot down, would spend their last breath trying to hold “Old Glory” up, out of the dirt.

We know not how many more July Fourths we will have. Only God knows the number, so let us all red-blooded Americans salute the red, white and blue “Old Glory” one nation under God. 

Jerry C. Reeves 


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