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Letter: North-south trail plan is one we need
07042018 TRAIL 06.jpg
A sign guides pedestrians across a road near the Midtown Greenway in Gainesville. - photo by David Barnes

I recently saw the Gainesville and South Hall Trail Studies report produced for our Metropolitan Planning Organization. This is a visionary plan — a north-south spine trail for walkers and cyclists connecting central Gainesville with Flowery Branch with an array of connecting side trails to fun destinations.

The trail plan couples outdoor enjoyment with healthy exercise for children and adults. It avoids the need for car journeys and the associated congestion, emissions and stress. It gives people a joyful reason to visit the businesses along the trail such as the Left Nut Brewery and the businesses on Main Street in Flowery Branch. And it does all this at a very low cost compared to just about any other transportation project.

This forward-looking plan is just the kind of quality of life improvement we need to attract people to our county and grow our economy. I would love to see it implemented.

Robin Terrell


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