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Letter: News media too often crosses line from pure facts into biased views

Ruben Navarrette in a recent column nailed our media problem in his last point. He wrote “... Readers don’t know the difference between editorials, columns and news articles. Television viewers confuse reporters, anchors and commentators. We’ve mixed it all together.”

Also interesting in his column was a point from Linda Greenhouse, who wrote that journalists don’t just have the right to express opinions, they have the obligation to do so if it is in the pursuit of truth.

Opinions are fine if we know they are opinions and not the news. Opinions expressed as news is fake news. I also have to wonder if she even considers that her opinion may be wrong. Sadly, most “news” seems to be biased version of what really happened.

A lady recently wrote that she checked out news events in several of six news sources, all liberal. All media is biased. If she really wants to know both sides of a story, she needs to check it out in the liberal media and one of the conservative media. Otherwise, she is in an echo chamber and just confirming what she thinks.

Controversial issues are controversial because there is some element of truth on both sides of the issue. Otherwise, they would not be controversial. Think about it.

Mike McConnell


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