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Letter: Money is better spent on schools than for weapons and border walls
09142017 SCHOOL 0004.jpg
Marley Henson, a fourth-grader at Martin Technology Academy of Math and Science, watches a video at home Wednesday as part of online instruction. - photo by David Barnes

The brave students and teachers in our elementary and secondary schools should be lauded in their effort to save, preserve and improve our public schools.

The national level attack on this great foundation stone of our wonderful democracy is unprecedented in our national history. There is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be in the minds of thinking individuals, that this is one of the most important institutions in making our nation a bastion of democracy and freedom admired by all nations and peoples around the world. 

The dedicated teachers on this level are committed far beyond the menial salaries that we offer them. Often times they use much of this skimpy pay to purchased much needed school supplies for their students. 

Though I am an aging man from a long line of trained educators who have served from kindergarten to the highest of educational levels, I will join in marching for their cause if I have the opportunity and privilege to do so. 

My 84 years of experience leads me to the conclusion that paying more taxes for education of our youth is more palatable than having to pay taxes for a useless border wall costing as much as $25 billion, a newly expanding nuclear weapons program and a space exploration race with other world powers.

Perhaps we shall have to wait for the current high school students to be elected to the legislatures before our government returns to a civil and rational approach to governance “by the people and for the people” and perhaps a new amendment to our archaic constitution to allow sensible gun control. 

Dr. Paul C. Smith


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