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Letter: Methodist pastors should refer to the Bible for answers
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Methodist pastors seem to have lost their way, literally.

They go to Special Conferences to try to iron out their differences on such things as allowing homosexuals to become pastors, and whether they should allow existing pastors to perform same-sex weddings. What they should be doing is getting their answers from God's word, the holy Bible.

Since when does a group of sinful men decide by a vote what is scriptural and what is not? I am not saying that all of these pastors are not “born-again Christians,” but it certainly appears that they are not following God's word.

In your entire article on not-so-United Methodists, I did not find a single one of them refer to the Bible.  

What do they use beside votes to preach to their congregations? They are either not saved, born again or they are so backslidden they refuse to go to the Bible for any answer they seek.

The Bible is very specific about homosexuality and the proper role of a pastor and his flock.  

Gene Whitney


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