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Letter: Market-based climate solution to be discussed at Brenau meeting
A wind turbine is silhouetted against the setting sun near King City, Mo. - photo by Associated Press

Climate change has been a very divisive subject in our country. Why? Opponents fear it will damage our economy, and they fear government regulations and the destruction of our free market economy. These are very real concerns, and though I advocate for action on climate change, I, too, do not want government regulation, and I certainly do not want to hurt our economy. Our free market economy has made America the leading economy in the world, and it should be preserved.

So what are we to do? Being a fiscal conservative, I have found only one plan that I believe can heal the divide, grow our economy and actively combat climate change. Simply place a fair price on the production of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, return the money to all U.S. citizens as a monthly dividend, and then let the free market take over.

The price of wind and solar would soon be cheaper than fossil fuels, giving American manufacturers the incentive to invest in green energy. American ingenuity would then propel us to be the leader in the green energy revolution, which would assure America as being the leading economy in the world.

This plan is eminently fair. Companies responsible for the pollution should be held accountable for the damage they cause, which you and I now pay for. Most Americans would come out ahead due to the monthly dividend. It would grow our economy, and it would add millions of new American jobs. 

And even if climate change were not real, we would be left with a healthier, stronger, more prosperous America. Fair, simple, quick, effective, market-driven and free from government regulations. I believe it is a plan we can all support.

I would ask people from both sides of the aisle to join us for a presentation on climate change titled “Climate Change — A Common Sense And Free Market Solution” from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, April 12, at Brenau University’s Hosch Theater in the Burd Center for the Performing Arts building, 429 Academy St. NE in Gainesville. 

Presentations will be given by Dr. Mark Farmer on the science of climate change and by the Rev. Bill Coates and the Rev. John Cromartie on the moral aspects of climate change. I will talk about the carbon fee and dividend plan, and a video by former U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis, a six-term Republican congressman from South Carolina, who will talk about why the plan should be a conservative principle.

Vernon Dixon


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