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Letter: Loosening abortion restrictions shows we’re losing our humanity
New York abortion.jpg
New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signs Reproductive Health Act Legislation during a ceremony, Jan. 22, 2019, in the Red Room at the State Capitol in Albany, N.Y. Photo provided by the Office of the Governor. - photo by Associated Press

Politics can make us do things that are unimaginable. There is no better example than what we saw in New York and Virginia recently.

Try to forget politics just long enough to Google “partial birth abortions” and see what many people have been fighting so hard to permit and to take the next step (and there will be one). Just Google it and see it performed on a doll. It’s hard to watch even on the doll. I would describe the procedure here, but it would be so awful that it would never be printed.

This procedure, when passed by the Senate of New York, received a standing ovation. In God’s name, what have we come to?

This procedure should be shown in every school and every church in America. I want to think that America still has enough heart that decent people would be marching in the streets in America.

This should not be about Democrats or Republicans or the women’s movement. It’s about what is humane and what is right.

I really want to believe that there are enough sane people left in the Democrat Party and even the women’s movement that would say we have gone too far. If not, then we will continue to take the next step, which will be to kill these little innocent human beings weeks or even months after they are born.

Don’t say this could never happen. We got to this point by allowing some people to push their agenda just one step further and please believe me, no step will ever be enough!

In the name of God, please let’s never take that next step. We should be trying to undo some of the damage that has already been done, but the movement is going full speed ahead.

I have all respect for our people who are serving in the military now and for our brave veterans, but if this is where America wants to go, then I’m very sorry but I will never pledge my allegiance to this country again. I must be able to sleep each night.

I used to pray as many of you do for God to bless America. I think he would say, “What more could I do for any nation than I have done for you?” The only prayer I can pray for our nation now is for wisdom for our leaders and all of our people and that God would have mercy on America. We will pay for this!

Henry Loggins


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