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Letter: Liberal media bias is obvious at national level
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Media and others try to get a glimpse of former campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, as he leaves federal court in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. - photo by Associated Press

When I worked as a sports writing intern for The Atlanta Constitution in 1964, my editors stressed the importance of accuracy and fairness. My job was news reporter, not opinion editorialist like I am when writing pieces like this one.

After my Marine Corps service, I worked as a staff writer for the Associated Press in 1969. Editor Lamar Matthews critiqued my work every day by telling me what I did right, offering suggestions for improvement and providing encouragement. Matthews’ mantra was “get it right and be unbiased.”

Well, a half century later, journalism has changed dramatically at most media outlets. Many reporters have become political operatives for the Democratic Party, especially now that President Trump is in the White House. They detest this man and it’s reflected in their stories.

Many studies have been done on media bias, but one is particularly telling. The Center for Public Integrity examined the donations of 430 journalists and here’s what was discovered: of the $396,000 they made in contributions to the 2016 presidential campaign, $382,000 (96.5 percent) went to Hillary Clinton, but only $14,000 (3.5 percent) went to Donald Trump! CPI’s analysis included reporters and editors in a variety of journalism jobs.

Perhaps nothing is more indicative of where one’s heart is than where one’s money is spent. If you ever doubted the existence of media bias, this study provides sobering evidence of how prejudiced most journalists have become over the years.

It’s also revealing to observe the brutal treatment the press is giving Trump versus what they gave (and continue to give) President Obama. Many journalists are calling for the impeachment of Trump and anxiously awaiting the results of Robert Mueller’s exhaustive, expensive and seemingly endless investigation. Unless you watch Fox News or read this newspaper, it’s hard to find any positive reporting on Trump, who continues to deliver on promise after promise despite overwhelmingly negative press coverage.

Conversely, any curious, principled reporter could have snared a Pulitzer Prize for questioning Obama’s sealed records; exposing his limited leadership experience and socialistic agenda; investigating his associations with radicals Bill Ayres, Saul Alinski, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis and Tom Hayden; focusing on his lackluster legacy (Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal); and examining the numerous scandals that plagued his administration – NSA, IRS, FBI, Justice Department, TSA, VA, Secret Service, Fast & Furious, Benghazi and Hillary-gate. Alas, no Pulitzer pursuit ensued because the biased media protected Obama and didn’t want to be accused of racism.

While no president, politician or anyone else is perfect, our national leaders are always in the public spotlight. When liberals act immorally or illegally (Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, etc.), their transgressions are diminished until most people forget what happened or no longer care. But when conservatives act immorally or illegally, the media scrutiny intensifies and accountability becomes a persistent priority i.e., Trump impeachment.

Reporters should stop being Democratic operatives and start writing accurate, fair news accounts instead of slanted stories.

Dick Biggs


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