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Letter: Letter writer misses message in criticizing previous letter

Re: Letter from Jim Henderson, Dec. 22: Mr. Henderson, you obviously don’t know anything about Mickey Montgomery or his life growing up and getting to the point he is in his life right now. He is a kind and generous man who helps everyone he can. After his retirement from General Motors, he went to work in the maintenance department in the Hall County school system where he interacted with students, administration and teachers daily. He is well-loved by those who know him and know of his generosity to the children who came to school with literally nothing. He gives to his neighbors, his family and his friends, of whom I am one. He gives of his time to help anyone in need. He gives stray dogs a warm home and lots of love and he is by far not an angry man. He is more fun than the proverbial “barrel of monkeys” to be around.

But you must have your head buried so far in the sand you cannot see or even comprehend the true meaning of his letter. Look around you. There are many, many children in our very own area, who are in dire need of just basic things any one human should have. Meanwhile, many women decide they would rather party and live a free life than to let a gift from God that has been placed in their body for a reason live.

God will deal with all those who do this for selfish reasons just as He deals with fools, liars, murderers and thieves for stealing and taking a life that could be the next great person in a country that has turned from God. 

Satan is alive and well in world today. Just open your eyes to see, your ears to hear and get your head out of the sand.

Nancy C. Gravitt


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