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Letter: Letter writer off-base in not respecting elderly

I read with interest Elizabeth Casper’s letter in Wednesday’s paper and pray that she is in the minority of our “youth” everywhere.

I’ll just pick out a few statements to address — she is correct in assuming most “elderly” people have not had the experience of a shooter in the classroom; however, many of the elderly have experienced active shooters on the battlefield gunning them and their friends down. These groups of “elderly” were there in harm’s way to assure Ms. Casper’s right to have the freedom to write letters to the editor.

She said “young people do not owe the elderly anything at all.” My generation was taught to respect older people “just because they were older.” We don’t have the time nor space to enumerate the reasons today’s “youth” should respect the “elderly” — let’s just say were it not for the “elderly,” Ms. Casper would not be living in a free country, having the opportunity to go to school, vote, travel freely; the freedoms are too numerous to list.

I would request Ms. Casper to do one thing — please save your letter to the editor and read it 10 years from now.

Doug Phillips


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